CCTV Documentary “Literary Hometowns”

Dec 19, 2023

CCTV Documentary “Literary Hometowns”

Starting from 2016 summer, with 2 years of work, documentary “Literary Hometowns” followed the lead of 6 well-known writers, presented audiences with 6 episodes named after these writers: these episodes are ‘Jia Pingwa’, ‘A Lai’, ‘Chi Zijian’, ‘Bi Feiyu’, ‘Liu Zhenyun’, ‘Moyan’ (part1 and part2). The documentary focused on these writers’ hometowns: Moyan’s hometown Gaomi, Jia Pingao’s hometown Shangzhou, A Lai’s hometown Jiarong, Chi Zijian’s snowy hometown at the Northern part of China, Bi Feiyu’s watery hometown at the north part of Jiangsu Province and Liu Zhenyun’s hometown at Yanjin. The documentary traced back to the time of writers’ childhood and youth and it also discussed how they had turned their living hometowns into literary hometowns.

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