“Audio Reading Base for Disabled Readers”is established in Nanjing

Dec 19, 2023

26th July, The Launching Ceremony of “Audio Reading Base for Disabled Readers” co-organized by Nanjing Reading Promotion Association, Nanjing Disabled Persons’ Federation and Nanjing Publishing Media Group was held in Youth Meeting Room (Wuding Gate).

12 Disabled Persons’ Reading clubs from 12 districts of Nanjing were awarded the bronze medal of “Audio Reading Base for Disabled Readers”.

“Audio Reading Base for Disabled Readers”is established in Nanjing

“Audio Reading Base for Disabled Readers”set up 2 types of Audio Reading Bases for handicapped readers and visually-impaired readers respectively in Shoujia Massage & Health Care Center, Nanjing School for the Blind, and other organizations across the whole city. Under the guidance of Reading Therapy, various reading activities and events (online and offline), including audio book sharing salons, the blind theatre, reading therapy sharing meetings will be held according to plans, themes and schedules.

“Audio Reading Base for Disabled Readers”is established in Nanjing

The establishment of Nanjing Disabled and Visual Impaired Audio Reading Base is the first initiative that culturally benefits the disabled in China. Culture services preciously get in touch with everybody and appear in full swing. Cultural services extend themselves into disabled people’s communities, families and schools to reach the ‘last kilometre’ of public cultural services. Among all these services, the audio book service mainly relies on the voluntary services from ‘Literary Nanjing’ Reader Union. It provides reading resources which include audiobooks, e-books and multimedia reading products. ‘Literary Nanjing’ Reader Art Trope of Theatre for the Blind was mainly organized by the Nanjing Reading Promotion Association. With the form of crossover cooperation, the centre cooperates with Nanjing Disabled Persons’ Federation to deliver services such as visually impaired people conferences and reading to the disabled. The Reading Therapy Sharing Session is a themed reading activity that was built directly for the disabled based on the ‘reading therapy’ theory. The sharing session is to take care of disabled readers’ mental health and relieve their negative emotions through reading and exchange of other information.

“Audio Reading Base for Disabled Readers”is established in Nanjing

Chen Guangya, the president of Nanjing Reading Promotion Association, said, it’s the responsibility of Nanjing Reading Promotion Association to offer more public services and public products to disabled persons, Nanjing Reading Promotion Association would make good use of these audio reading bases to provide more precise cultural and reading services.

Till now, the audio reading base has received the authorization of audio reading from Zhang haidi, the president of China Disabled Persons’ Federation, and the book review collection "The Book and Me" published by Nanjing Press has also been selected for the 2020 China Braille Press publishing plan. It is expected to meet with visually impaired readers across the country in the second half of the year.

(Source: Jiaohuidian News, Nanjing Daily, JSBC)

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