Nanjing Literature Center

Dec 19, 2023

Nanjing Literature Center

Nanjing Literature Center, founded in 2016, is the chief coordinator for Nanjing's application for the UNESCO "World Book Capital" and "Creative City Network: City of Literature" and for the following-up action plans. The center's portfolio covers:

—boosting exchange, learning, and innovation activities between Nanjing and other countries or regions, especially other UNESCO "World Book Capital" and "Creative City Network: City of Literature" cities;

—participating in forums, festivals, exhibitions, and other activities related to international literature, popular reading, and book publishing, and organizing such activities locally; using literary creation, theatrical performances, printing/publishing, communication through media, industry services, and other methods to promote the city of Nanjing, in literature, reading, book publishing; bridging international exchanges;

—and establishing Nanjing's city literature, citywide reading, and book publishing brands, creating new IP resources for Nanjing, integrating these with Nanjing's literary resources, and encouraging multicultural communication and innovation.

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