Nanjing Library

With a history dating back to 1907, when it was first established as Jiangnan Library, Nanjing Library was one of China's first national libraries. It boasts the third largest collection in China and the fourth largest in Asia with the total exceeding 12 million books. Four hundred and fifty-four ancient titles in the archives are listed in China's Catalogue of National Rare Books. Even at its enormous size, the library successfully and efficiently integrates collection, borrowing, reading, consultation and management.

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Jinling Library

Jinling library, formerly called Nanjing Municipal Library, was founded in 1927. It has been hosting “the Readers” activity since 2012, holding diverse reading activities for the public to attend. “Theatre for the Blind” is one of its most creative achievements. Volunteers read books aloud to service users with visual impairments and assist them to share in reading resources as others do. Besides its cultural significance, the exquisite architecture and interior design of the building are alone worth your stopping by.

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